EFNI / Opening Gala: New Global Order or New Global Mess?

EFNI Opening Gala: New Global Order or New Global Mess?

‘Today, the European Union is not only about four freedoms, but also about common values. Treating it as a cash dispenser does not satisfy us,‘ said Henryka Bochniarz, President of the Polish Confederation Lewiatan, during the gala which opened the European Forum for New Ideas.

It has been the eighth time that over a thousand entrepreneurs, economists, politicians, and representatives of the world of science and culture from Poland and all over the world came to Sopot to discuss the future of Europe. The theme of this year's conference is "New Global Order or New Global Mess? The World Upgraded: Vision and Responsibility".

EFNI guests were welcomed by Henryka Bochniarz, Jacek Karnowski, President of Sopot, and Pierre Gattaz, President of BusinessEurope.

Lewiatan's leader said that many important topics will be discussed at this year's EFNI: the future of the EU, Brexit, new technologies, climate change.  ‘We will ask difficult questions and confront our views with others,‘ she concluded.

Jacek Karnowski argued that EU membership has an extremely positive impact on our local governments.

Pierre Gattaz stressed that the European Union is at a crossroads. Certainly, the cure for its problems is not less Europe, but more integration. The coming years will show whether the EU can change and whether it is capable of playing a significant role in the world. Entrepreneurs must definitely be present in this EU transformation process. It depends on their efforts whether the EU will become stronger and more efficient. ‘We must strengthen integration, the single market and ensure fair competition,‘ he added.

The special guest of the Gala was Dani Rodrik, professor of the Ford Foundation in the field of international political economy at the Harvard Kennedy School. In his speech, he wondered how to reconcile the latest trends in technology and globalisation with social inclusion.

‘Statistics show that social inequalities have been growing in the USA since the early 1980s. The share of the richest people in the national income is increasing, while the share of the lowest earners is dropping. In Europe, the rise in inequalities has not been as great as in the rest of the world, as the weakest people have been better protected. Inequalities are caused by technological change, globalisation and cultural divisions. The consequence of increasing inequality is the lack of trust in the elite. Changing the economic policy, creating good jobs and reducing the importance of the financial sector are some of the cures for the deepening division into the poor and the rich,‘ said Dani Rodrik.



The European Forum for New Ideas is one of the largest conferences in Central and Eastern Europe, dedicated to global trends, new ideas and the future of Europe. Business leaders, policy-makers, politicians as well as authorities representing the world of science, culture and media discuss the most important challenges for business and societies in a changing world, global trends and the future shape of the European Union during dozens of events, panel discussions, open meetings, counterpoints or night owl discussions. Every year, the Forum gathers over a thousand attendees – representatives of the world of business and administration, Polish and European alike, and representatives of NGOs. It has been organized since 2011 by the Polish Confederation Lewiatan in cooperation with BusinessEurope, the city of Sopot, and Polish and foreign companies and organizations. The Forum is aimed at creating ideas for a strong Europe and a competitive economy, a Europe open to trends of social growth and technology. This year’s EFNI is held on 26-28 September in Sopot, and its central theme is: ‘NEW GLOBAL ORDER OR NEW GLOBAL MESS? The World Upgraded: Vision and Responsibility.’

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Sopot, 26 September 2018