A Europe with opportunities for all - A business ambition for 2030

Executive summary

Together, Europe's countries, companies and citizens have built the European Union, an achievement we can truly be proud of. It has made the European way of life possible, brought prosperity to Europeans through a common market and allowed Europe's countries to strengthen the continent's relations with the rest of the world.

Business has empowered this European way of life by investing, creating jobs and making the economy grow whilst providing products and services responding to the needs and desires of citizens and consumers.

For the future however, Europe's achievements must not be taken for granted. The world is changing rapidly and profoundly. We need to rise to new challenges both politically and technologically. We should acknowledge that what we are witnessing today is not just another era of change, but a change of era.

Business can and wants to be part of the solution whether we talk about the development of new technologies, the best use of digitalisation and data, or paving the way for a low-carbon and resource-efficient society. It is not only about addressing societal challenges but also about taking leadership in handling them.

Our ambition for 2030 is that we achieve:

  • An EU that is strong and setting the agenda in the world;
  • An EU that is a global leader in innovation, digitalisation and sustainability;
  • An EU that is functioning efficiently; and
  • An EU that is economically cohesive amongst and within member states and socially inclusive.

In realising these goals, we must address our weaknesses. This will require joint and substantial efforts from all of us. As global alliances shift and populism rises, we must restore confidence in the European project and remain united to achieve political, economic and social progress, living up to the core values the EU stands for.

This paper presents our ambition for the European Union in 2030 and sets out what is needed to create the right framework conditions to enhance competitiveness and entrepreneurship and enable business to play its role, in the interest of society.

The future is built today and we stand ready to work on it.

Source: BusinessEurope